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No. 1 (2021)

The journal «Health of man» is the modern kind of the communication about all aspects of the male health and diseases. The journal publishes the results of scientific researches in the field of sexology, andrology and other related areas of medicine covering the features of the manifestation in men of different age. The significant place in the journal is devoted to the results of clinical observations regarding the effectiveness of various treatment methods for the variety of the sexological, andrological and urological pathologies.

The editorial board practices double-blind peer review. This process involves the following:

  • First, the editors consider all manuscripts to assess their compliance with the journal subject matter and requirements.
  • Following the decision of the editors, the manuscripts submitted are sent to at least two external experts in the corresponding field. The manuscript passes double-blind peer review, neither the authors nor the reviewers know each other.
  • Reviewers’ comments are transmitted to the authors, together with possible recommendations for the manuscript revision. The editor informs the authors, whether the manuscript is adopted without revision or authors are given the opportunity to review the manuscript and submit it again, or the manuscript is rejected.

Journal «Health of man» is an open access journal. All articles are free for users to access, read, download, and print.
Plagiarism is unacknowledged copying or an attempt to misattribute original authorship, whether of ideas, text or results. Plagiarism can be said to have clearly occurred when large chunks of text have been cut-and-pasted without appropriate and unambiguous attribution. Such manuscripts would not be considered for publication in journal «Health of man». «Text recycling» or reuse of parts of text from an author’s previous research publication is a form of self-plagiarism.

The journal does not require authors of original (primary) research papers to assign the copyright of their published contributions. Authors grant the journal an non-exclusive licence  CC BY 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License) to using and the first publication of the original in this journal. Copyright of the manuscripts is retained by the authors, after publication authors retain rights to reuse their papers in their future printed work without first requiring permission from the publisher of the journal and share their own published articles.

The journal supports the self-archiving process. Prior to publication in the journal, authors may post a copy of their manuscript in preparation or submitted to the journal in recognized non-commercial preprint servers, public websites.  Authors also are encouraged to archive their final author version of the manuscript in their institution's repositories and, if they wish, on their personal websites. Authors should cite the publication reference and DOI number on the first page of any deposited version, and provide a link from it to the URL of the published article on the journal's website.

To facilitate self-archiving of original research papers and help authors fulfil funder and institutional mandates, the journal deposits manuscripts in National Library of Ukraine by V.I. Vernadsky, Scientific periodicals of Ukraine database and different international scintificd database on behalf of authors who opt-in to this free service during submission. The journal provides depositing of articles on official website of the publisher. The full text access to published papers is free.

About the Journal

Frequency of journal: quarterly
The journal is published since 2002

The scientific and practical journal «Health of man» is the open access periodical journal that provides the timely publication on the modern results of the scientific and clinical researches about male health, including his sexual and andrological aspects.

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Current Issue

No. 1 (2021)
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