1. To the postal address (Post Box № 4., Kiev, 03039, Ukraine) or  e-mail (alexandra@professional-event.com)

Authors should send:

  • Manuscript of the article prepared according to the "Manuscript Preparation" section, with the signature of the head of the institution certified by seal, where the research was conducted.
  • Accompanying letter from the institution where the research was conducted, signed by the management of the organization
  • Conclusion of the expert committee of the institution.

* Accompanying documents are also accepted as scanned copies.

Cover letter. The cover letter should include the title of the article, full name of the author(s), type of article (e.g., original article, clinical case report, review article, etc.), absence or presence of conflict of interest, and ethical requirements were followed in conducting the research and preparing the manuscript. In addition, there should be a statement that the manuscript has not yet been published, accepted, or is under consideration by another publisher. Simultaneous submission of a manuscript to different publishers, as well as duplication of articles (even if the article is published in another language) is not allowed.

The institution's expert conclusion for publication. Each research institution has an expert committee. The main purpose of the expert committee is to provide a preliminary opinion on the possibility of publishing the article, which indicates the fulfillment of ethical and publication standards, the conclusion of the local ethics committee, confidentiality, innovation of the article, conflicts of interest, and the like. The result of the peer review should be a positive decision on sending the article for publication, which is sent to the Journal along with a cover letter and the manuscript.


2. You can submit, as well as view previously submitted material through a form on the publication's website http://health-man.com.ua/submission/wizard (Registration needed).