The Study of the Functional State of Rat’s Kidneys in Acute Pyelonephritis Against Diabetes Mellitus under Conditions of Drug Exposure in an Experiment


С. О. Борисов
О. М. Колосов
Ф. І. Костєв
О. В. Борисов


The most sensitive indicators of the functional state of the kidneys are the glomerular filtration rate and the level of creatinine in the blood, which is practically independent of extrarenal factors and does not lend itself to significant daily fluctuations. The search for new possibilities of correcting drug exposure on the course of acute pyelonephritis and concomitant diabetes mellitus seems to be promising in order to prevent the development of pathomorphological changes in functional renal disorders. Evaluation of the effectiveness of etiotropic drug exposure to drugs and their combination with the pathogenetic effect on the creatinine content in blood plasma and urine and its clearance in acute pyelonephritis and concomitant diabetes mellitus type I and II in the experimental conditions was the aim of our study. The obtained experimental data revealed a more pronounced increase in creatinine in blood plasma compared with its content in urine: in blood plasma by 83.6 % and in urine by 25.1 %, respectively, in relation to the norm, which indicates a significant decrease in glomerular level filtering. The clearance of cretinin in acute pyelonephritis was reduced by 15.2 %, and with concomitant diabetes mellitus, more distinct changes were observed, for type II diabetes there was a decrease of 27.3 %, and for type I diabetes by 36.4 % in relation to normal. The use of etiotropic exposure for type I and II diabetes contributed to a moderate improvement in this indicator, and the use of ethiopathogenetic effects caused a significant increase in creatinine clearance, the level of which differed from normal only by 9.1 % in type II diabetes and by 15.2 % with type I diabetes. Etio-pathogenetic drug intervention has led to the prevention and deterrence of nephrosclerotic changes, which should be associated with the complex effect of antibacterial, membrane-protective and metabolism correcting effects.


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Борисов, С. О., Колосов, О. М., Костєв, Ф. І., & Борисов, О. В. (2020). The Study of the Functional State of Rat’s Kidneys in Acute Pyelonephritis Against Diabetes Mellitus under Conditions of Drug Exposure in an Experiment. Health of Man, (1), 80–83.
Experimental Medicine
Author Biographies

С. О. Борисов, Odessa National Medical University

Serhii O. Borisov,

Department of Urology and Nephrology

О. М. Колосов, Odessa National Medical University

Oleksandr M. Kolosov,

Department of Urology and Nephrology

Ф. І. Костєв, Odessa National Medical University

Fedir I. Kostev,

Head of Department of Urology and Nephrology

О. В. Борисов, Odessa National Medical University

Oleksandr V. Borisov,

Department of Urology and Nephrology


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