Sexual Disorder in Men and Its Therapy with the Use of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor Type 5 Eroton (Sildenafil Citrate)


Yurii Gurzhenko


The study investigated the clinical efficacy of the drug Eroton in the treatment of sexual disorders, shows the effect of the study drug on the state of the sexual functions of patients; the degree of patient satisfaction with treatment was assessed; studied the tolerability and possible side effects of the study drug in men in a group of 110 patients. After a course of one month of treatment, all the integrative indicators of ICEF significantly increased in patients. The indicator «erectile function» increased from 12.54±0.87 to 25.12±1.32 (p<0,01), «satisfaction with intercourse» from 7.97±0.40 to 14.63±0.84 (p<0,01), «orgasm» – from 4.52±0.18 to 9.02±0.32 (p<0.01), «general satisfaction» – from 4.03±0.22 up to 8.27±0.46 (p<0,01).

The clinical efficacy of the treatment of erectile dysfunction showed «excellent» and «good» results in 92.7 % of patients. When studying the effect of the drug Eroton on the hormonal background in patients, there is a certain tendency to an increase in the content of testosterone in the serum of peripheral blood. This, from our point of view, is due to an improvement in the quality of sex life and an increase in its frequency. The indicator of «sex drive» of the ICEF questionnaire increased by 63.2 %. Improvement of the data on the ejaculatory component of sexual intercourse, which was assessed by the indicator of premature ejaculation in 61 men with this pathology, the clinical effectiveness of the course of treatment was 88.5 %. The time of the refractory period of sexual intercourse in patients decreased, which made it possible to carry out repeated sexual intercourse during the day in 34.5 % at the age of 22 to 34 years, and in 11.8 % of patients aged 22–29 years, 3 sexual intercourses were performed during the day. The frequency of sexual activity in patients with ED increased 2.1–2.4 times, and the quality of life index improved 3.8 times.

Patients well tolerated treatment with Eroton. The drug Eroton can be considered as a first-line drug in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


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Gurzhenko, Y. (2021). Sexual Disorder in Men and Its Therapy with the Use of Phosphodiesterase Inhibitor Type 5 Eroton (Sildenafil Citrate). Health of Man, (4), 15–21.
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Yurii Gurzhenko, State Institution «Institute of Urology of NAMS of Ukraine», Ukrainian Institute of Sexology and Andrology

Yurii M. Gurzhenko,

Department of Sexopathology and Andrology at the State Institution «Institute of Urology of NAMS of Ukraine»


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