Cold-sensitive Thermo-TRP-channels as Possible Target in Treatment of Premature Ejaculation: Pilot Study


І. І. Горпинченко
А. М. Ситенко
О. В. Жолос


An open-label study of the effect of TRPaZS-1 – TRP8 channel activator in gel form in 33 patients with lifelong premature ejaculation. Demonstrated: 1. TRP8 ion channel activator TRPaZS-1 is a promising tool for the treatment of premature ejaculation, which is able to improve statistically and clinically significant parameters of ejaculatory function, as well as erection, libido and orgasm, while reducing the severity of psychoemotional distress. 2. TRPaZS-1 has an acceptable safety profile because it has no systemic adverse effects, and the local ones have a low intensity, are shortlived, and in most cases presented with a feeling of heartburn on the penis. 3. Further studies of the receptors of the penis head, the role of TRP8 ion channels in their functioning, and possible substances for modeling the activity of these channels are needed.


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Горпинченко, І. І., Ситенко, А. М., & Жолос, О. В. (2019). Cold-sensitive Thermo-TRP-channels as Possible Target in Treatment of Premature Ejaculation: Pilot Study. Health of Man, (4), 34–37.
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Author Biographies

І. І. Горпинченко, State Institution «Institute of Urology of NAMS of Ukraine»

Ihor I. Gorpynchenko,

Head of Department of Sexopathology and Andrology

А. М. Ситенко, State Institution «Institute of Urology of NAMS of Ukraine»

Andrii M. Sytenko,

Department of Sexopathology and Andrology

О. В. Жолос, ESC «Institute of Biology and Medicine» of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Oleksandr V. Zholos,

Department of Biophysics and Medical Informatics


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