Sexual disorders in men with chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain and lower urinary tract symptoms


О. С. Федорук
В. І. Зайцев
М. С. Степанченко
І. І. Ілюк


Prostatic Pain Syndrome (SPB) is characterized as persistent or recurrent episodic pain associated with negative cognitive, behavioral, sexual or emotional effects, as well as symptoms of lower urinary tract and sexual dysfunction.

The objective: evaluation of sexual disorders differences in patients with chronic non-bacterial prostatitis/pelvic pain (CNP) and men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

Materials and methods. 80 patients were examined (outpatient setting): 47 with CNP and a control group of 33 men with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The evaluation of prostate-specific symptoms was performed using I-PSS and NIH-CPSI questionnaires. Sexual disorders evaluated by IIEF questionnaire. The reliability of group differences for entities subject to normal distribution was estimated using Student’s criterion.

Results. The I-PSS average score was significantly higher in the BPH group. The NIH-CPSI average score was significantly higher in the main group. Erectile dysfunction was detected in 29.8% of patients with CNP and in 72,7% of patients with BPH. Ejaculation disorders were reported by over 80% of the examined patients, no significant difference between groups found. Only 12.8% of CNP patients reported satisfactory libido (57.6% in BPH group). Overall sexual satisfaction was similar between the groups: 10.6% versus 42.4% of respondents respectively.

Conclusions. Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, regardless of type, was associated with significantly more severe disorders. Additional studies need to be planned to found the reasons for that discrepancies.


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Федорук, О. С., Зайцев, В. І., Степанченко, М. С., & Ілюк, І. І. (2018). Sexual disorders in men with chronic prostatitis/pelvic pain and lower urinary tract symptoms. Health of Man, (2), 94–98.
Sexology and andrology
Author Biographies

О. С. Федорук, Bukovinian State Medical University

Oleksandr S. Fedoruk,

Head of Department of Urology and Neurosurgery

В. І. Зайцев, Bukovinian State Medical University

Valerii I. Zaitsev,

Department of Urology and Neurosurgery

М. С. Степанченко, Bukovinian State Medical University

Markiian S. Stepanchenko,

Department of Urology and Neurosurgery,

Department of Physiology named after Y.D. Kirsenblat

І. І. Ілюк, Bukovinian State Medical University

Iryna I. Iliuk,

Department of Urology and Neurosurgery


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