Women’s orgasm and fertility


Г. С. Кочарян


The opinions of various authors, the results of scientific researches, hypotheses (poles, bursts, evolutionary) are submitted which attempt to explain the connection or its absence between the female orgasm and the possibility of becoming pregnant. From the presented materials it follows that at present there are no scientific data which could unconditionally testify to the direct connection of orgasm in women and this possibility. You can only talk about the existence of such assumptions. Even scientists believing in this hypothesis could not prove it as a result of their researches. Numerous observations, including ours, show that women, including those who have never experienced orgasms during their entire life, can have good reproductive potential. However, it should be noted that female orgasm can indirectly contribute to an increase in the likelihood to get pregnant, since it can lead to increase of sexual activity frequency in women


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Female sexology
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Г. С. Кочарян, Харьковская медицинская академия последипломного образования, г. Харьков

G.S. Kocharyan


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