Immune factors in the pathogenesis of inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of chronic abacterial prostatitis


І. І. Горпинченко
К. Р. Нуріманов
В. С. Савченко
Т. В. Порошина
Г. М. Драннік


Features of the pathogenesis of inflammatory and non- inflammatory forms of chronic abacterial prostatitis (СAP) – the subject of modern scientific discussion.

The objective: to study the role of immune parameters in the pathogenesis of СAP to identify new differential signs of inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of forms.

Materials and methods. 42 patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis were examined. 30 healthy men made up a control group. The production of cytokines in the blood and ejaculate was determined by an enzyme immunoassay.

Results. It has been established that chronic abacterial inflammation of the prostate gland is accompanied by a significant increase in the serum concentration of SLPI, IL-8, TNF-α, IL-17 in the seminal plasma and serum concentration, and a decrease in the concentration of IL-6 and TGF-β1 compared to healthy men (p<0,05). There was no statistically significant difference between SLPI, IL-8, TNF-α, IL-23, IL-17, and TGF-β1 in the ejaculate of patients with inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of CAP (p<0,05). The concentration of IL 6 in ejaculate in patients with inflammatory form of CAP is significantly greater than in patients with inflammatory form of CAP (p=0,010).

Conclusions. The inflammatory and non inflammatory forms of CAP are pathogenetically similar to changes in the concentration of the studied cytokines except for IL-6. In both forms there are signs of inflammation. In this connection, it is proposed to use the terms «leukocytic» and «nonleukocytic» CAP.


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Горпинченко, І. І., Нуріманов, К. Р., Савченко, В. С., Порошина, Т. В., & Драннік, Г. М. (2017). Immune factors in the pathogenesis of inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of chronic abacterial prostatitis. Health of Man, (4(63), 9–15.
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