The diagnostic value of molecular markers in patients with renal cell carcinoma


В. М. Григоренко
Г. В. Панасенко
Н. О. Сайдакова
Л. В. Перета
А. П. Онищук
Р. О. Данилець


Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) one of the most common pathology of cancer. With timely treatment modern methods of radiation diagnosis can detect small renal masses and carry out organ treatment. However, the absence of symptoms in the early stages, determine the search of tumor markers as screening for optimal radical treatment of RCC. In the study group included 32 patients with RCC for the period from February 2014 to June 2015, operated in SI «Urology Institute of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», and 14 suspended plasma of healthy individuals. The aim of study is epigenetic search for tumor markers for screening and early diagnosis of RCC. A determination of the expression of micro-RNA-30 and miR-138 conducted in patients with RCC before surgery and conditionally healthy individuals. The results indicate the high expression levels of miR-30s and miR-138 in patients with clear cell form of the disease. For implementation in practice of testing systems for the screening and early diagnosis of diseases these epigenetic markers require further study at a deep structural level regulation of carcinogenesis.


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Григоренко, В. М., Панасенко, Г. В., Сайдакова, Н. О., Перета, Л. В., Онищук, А. П., & Данилець, Р. О. (2016). The diagnostic value of molecular markers in patients with renal cell carcinoma. Health of Man, (1(56), 154–157.
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В. М. Григоренко, ДУ «Інститут урології НАМН України», м. Київ

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