Hypersexual Behavior Due to Premature Psychosexual Development: Clinical Examples


Garnik Kocharyan


The article contains 3 clinical examples, which demonstrate possible appearance of hypersexuality, caused by premature psychosexual development. The first case (observed by the author) deals with a 13-year-old teenager, who was adopted at the age of 9. His birth mother (BM), who was deprived of parental rights, abused alcoholic beverages. BM had sexual intercourses with men, while her son was with her in the same bed. Besides approximately from the age of 6–7 years she sucked his penis. Soon after his adoption the boy climbed up on his lying adoptive mother (AM), with whom he lived together in one flat, and began pressing his lips to hers (“he lied like a male on a female”).

Once, when they were visited by AM relatives and it was necessary to distribute, who would sleep with whom, a decision was made that the adopted son (AS) would sleep with a 7-year-old adopted grandson (AG) of AM. Then AS was 12 and he, as it was found out later, made an attempt to insert his erected penis into the anus of AG, but the latter managed to writhe himself free. At the same age of 12 he attempted a sexual intercourse with a native granddaughter of AM (a little girl), who told her grandmother about it. Then they found a significant amount of blood on her panties and genitals, and decided that he deflowered her. But as a result of forensic examination it was revealed that the blood on the granddaughter’s panties and genitals was not hers, but belonged to AS, whose attempt to insert his penis into her vagina resulted in a rupture of his penile frenulum, that made him stop any further sexual actions. AM informed that AS constantly peeped at her when she was naked or scantly dressed. He did the same with her granddaughter, after what she refused to visit them. Now, in order not “to be in the cross hairs”, AM takes a bath only after he leaves for school.

As a result of his talk with AM and examination of AS the author has concluded that the patient has sexual disinhibition associated with his premature psychosexual development, the latter being caused by sexually molesting behaviour on the part of the child’s BM. The second and third cases (observations by other authors) also deal with hypersexual behaviour, caused by premature psychosexual development.


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Garnik Kocharyan, Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Garnik S. Kocharyan,

Department of Sexology and Medical Psychology


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