Diagnosis of Urination Disorders in Young Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms of Uncertain Origin


Oleh Nikitin
Hennadii Reznikov
Yurii Roshchyn
Viktor Hrytsai
Sergiy Tkachenko


Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are not uncommon in young men. The etiology of LUTS in men aged up to 50 years is diverse. According to various authors, it is recommended to use a complex urodynamics tests (CUT) to assess LUTS in young men. However, even in modern urological practice, many such patients continue to be treated empirically, and the use of urodynamic studies is still not widely practiced for this group.

The objective: assess the clinical significance of CUT in men with LUTS under the age of 50 years.

Materials and methods. The results of CUM in patients with LUTS under the age of 50 were evaluated. 87 patients aged 18 to 43 years with LUTS of uncertain origin were examined.

Results. The leading diagnoses, with which patients were referred, were chronic prostatitis and neurogenic bladder, which were found in 28 (32.2%) and 22 (25.3%) patients, respectively. 21 (24.1%) patients admitted to the clinic had no primary diagnosis. As a result of the examination, infravesical obstruction (IVO) was found in 32 (36.8%) men, hyperactive bladder in 24 (27.6%), hypoactive bladder in 9 (10.3%) patients, non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder – in 7 (8.0%) and 15 (17.2%) men urological pathology was not detected.

Conclusions. We have shown the effectiveness of CUT to clarify the diagnosis in young men under the age of 50 with LUTS. Diagnosed with a significant proportion of patients, urinary disorders have characteristic differences, reflecting the abnormalities found when using CUT. In most patients, the clinical diagnosis was changed after performing CUT. Thus, the use of CUT in young men with LUTS is crucial for a more accurate diagnosis and, therefore, for adequate therapy.


Author Biographies

Oleh Nikitin, Bogomolets National Medical University

Oleh D. Nikitin,

Department of Urology

Hennadii Reznikov, Donetsk National Medical University of of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Hennadii D. Reznikov,

Department of Urology

Yurii Roshchyn, Donetsk National Medical University of of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Yurii V. Roshchyn,

Department of Urology

Viktor Hrytsai, Bogomolets National Medical University

Viktor S. Hrytsai,

Department of Urology

Sergiy Tkachenko, Donetsk National Medical University of of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Sergiy V. Tkachenko,

Department of Urology


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