Syndrome of Anxious Expectation of Sexual Failure (Fear of Sexual Failure) in Males: Some Aspects of Its Formation


  • Г. С. Кочарян Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education



syndrome of anxious sexual failure expectation, formation, males


The objective: Study of some aspects in the formation of syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure (SAESF), chiefly of the neurotic genesis, were studied in 220 males.

Materials and methods. Three variants of its formation were separated (premanifest, manifest, postmanifest: acute-subacute and chronic). This was determined by period of their occurrence in relation to manifestation of sexual disorders. Also twenty groups of psychological traumatic factors, which took part in the development of the syndrome were identified: normal physiological discharge, pains and pathological changes in the genitals, violation of spontaneous sexual indices, violation of adequate sexual manifestations in erotic contacts, copulatory (physiological and pathological) disorders, homosexual episode, reproaches and behaviour of the female partner, unfaithfulness of the wife, fear of dissatisfaction for the wife, fear of appearing disabled before the eyes of an experienced female partner, divulgence of information about sexual disability, onanophobia, fear of consequences of sexual abstinence, iatrogenia, reading of medical literature and acquaintance with medical documents, information about pathogenic influence of microwave frequencies, information about negative effects of anabolic hormones, apprehension of a possible deterioration of sexual functions in prospect, activation of recollections of previous sexual failures, confidence in one’s own unattractiveness.

Results. The degree of participation of these factors in the formation of the above SAESF variants as well as proximate causes of sexual «malfunctions» with the resultant postmanifest development of the studied syndrome were analysed.

Conclusion. The conclusion is drawn that the obtained results will make it possible to solve problems of SAESF prevention more effectively.

Author Biography

Г. С. Кочарян, Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Garnik S. Kocharyan,

Department of Sexology and Medical Psychology


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