Estimation of Eroton Product Efficiency in the Therapy of Men with Erectile Dysfunction and Type 2 Diabetes


Ю. М. Гурженко


The clinical efficacy of the drug Eroton in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in 60 patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) was studied. Performance monitoring was carried out using questionnaires on the ICEF scale and Dopplerography. The effectiveness of the use of the drug Eroton in patients with ED and diabetes at a dose of 50 mg was 26.7 %, and those who took Eroton in a dose of 100 mg – 63.3 %, therefore, if the patient has ED and diabetes, it is necessary to prescribe the drug Eroton in a dose of 100 mg initially. When comparing the effectiveness of Eroton with the original drug, it was shown that when using it at a dose of 50 mg, the effectiveness was 31.5 %, and when using it at a dose of 100 mg – 68.5 %. As can be seen from the above, the clinical effectiveness of the drug Eroton is not significantly inferior to the comparison drug.


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Гурженко, Ю. М. (2020). Estimation of Eroton Product Efficiency in the Therapy of Men with Erectile Dysfunction and Type 2 Diabetes. Health of Man, (2), 64–70.
Sexology and andrology
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Ю. М. Гурженко, Ukrainian Institute of Sexology and Andrology

Yurii M. Gurzhenko


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