The Role of Genetic Factors in the Formation of Homosexuality: Modern Analysis of the Problem


Г. С. Кочарян


The data on the fallacy of ideas about the innate nature of homosexuality which are based on information about the human psychosexual development are submitted. The results of twin studies and studies related to determining the participation of some chromosomes and their parts are given. They suggest that in some cases genetic influences may play the role of soft predisposing factors for the development of homosexuality, but psychological and social factors play a major role in its formation. According to the author, it is advisable to conduct twin studies of heterosexuality. Then the biological factors would have sounded completely differently and, apparently, it could be stated that they play a big role in the formation of heterosexual orientation, since they are consistent with the biological sex of the person.


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Кочарян, Г. С. (2018). The Role of Genetic Factors in the Formation of Homosexuality: Modern Analysis of the Problem. Health of Man, (4), 20–25.
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Г. С. Кочарян, Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Garnik S. Kocharyan,

Department of Sexology and Medical Psychology


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