Ultrastructural Changes in the Mucosa of Neobladder in Mini-pigs Three Months After Ileocystoplasty (Experimental Study)

Р. В. Савчук, Ф. І. Костєв, Н. І. Молчанюк


The problem of bladder cancer in Ukraine remains relevant position, as approximately 5000 new cases are recorded each year. Tissues of the gastrointestinal tract have been actively used in reconstructive surgery of the urinary system for the past thirty years, especially in the formation of the neocyst.

The objective: the aim of the study was investigation of the ultrastructural changes in the mucous membrane of the artificial bladder in mini-pigs under experimental conditions, three months after the ileacystoplasty.

Materials and methods. The material of this study was the results obtained in the study of 18 female mini-pigs aged 4–15 months and weighing 8–15 kg. Experimental animal models of the neobladder were performed by cystectomy followed by ileocystoplasty.

Results. Thus, the epithelial layer of the mucosa after cystectomy is completely destroyed in places, especially on the lateral surfaces of the villi. The aggressive and toxic environment of the urine of the artificial bladder, in which the ileum mucosa appeared to be in the postoperative period three months after the formation of the conduit, causes damage to the plasmolemmas and the organelle of the cells of the lamina propria. The compensatory-reduction processes are included at this early stage. It is evidenced by accumulations of large mitochondria and amplification in the cells of protein-synthesizing processes.

Conclusion. Extreme conditions of life lead to the suppression of immunity and protective properties in the tissues of the neobladder mucosa, as well as the development of allergic reactions and inflammation of neocyst tissues.


cystectomy; ileocystoplasty; ultrastructural changes


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