Needs of information and service for the male reproductive health in Zaporozhye region


  • О. А. Нікіфоров Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • Г. В. Бачурин Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • К. М. Єременко Zaporizhzhia State Medical University



reproductive health of men, infertile marriage, information


Ukrainian men have problems with reproductive health more often than women in some situations. According to data from the WHO, “men’s factor” reaches 54% in infertility couple. Social research was conducted in the Zaporizhya region among 382 men and 243 women of reproductive age, the purpose was to study citizens’ awareness of the components of male reproductive health, the conditions of its preservation and the information needs on these issues. There is significant unsatisfied information demand on various components of men’s health preservation in many regions in Ukrainian’s society. There are significant limitations on the services of diagnosis and treatment of men’s reproductive function. The main direction of the new informational materials needs to become attraction of attention to the problem preserving individual male reproductive health, more responsible attitude to the self and marriage.

Author Biographies

О. А. Нікіфоров, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Oleh A. Nikiforov,

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine of FPE

Г. В. Бачурин, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Georhii V. Bachurin,

Head of Department of Urology, Radiologic Diagnostics and Therapy

К. М. Єременко, Zaporizhzhia State Medical University

Kateryna M. Yeremenko





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