Efficacy and tolerability of the dietary supplement Testostam in patients with erectile dysfunction


І. І. Горпинченко
А. М. Ситенко


The objective: assessment of tolerability and effect of dietary supplement (DS) Testers on the parameters of erectile function provided that within 30 days, 2 capsules per day.
Patients and methods. An open study of the effectiveness and tolerability of the DS Testostam (1 capsule of 500 mg: 350 mg of the Tribulus terrestri extract / 150 mg of the Pausinystalia yohimbe extract), ingested 1 capsule twice a day for 30 days, in 30 patients aged 53±5 years with moderate erectile dysfunction (initial EF-IIEF = 18,0±0,09 points).
Results. It was established that the DS Testostam clinically and statistically significantly increases the average total values of domains characterizing the erection (by 11 points), sexual desire (3 points), orgasm (6 points) and satisfaction with sexual intercourse (5 points). DS Testostam has good tolerance: 5 (16,7%) patients experienced undesirable reactions, including 2 cases of transient increase in blood pressure (less than 150/95 mm Hg) and 3 cases of stool loosening. All registered adverse events were mild and did not require the abolition of DS.
Conclusion. DS Testostam can be used in urological practice to correct sexual disorders in men.


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Горпинченко, І. І., & Ситенко, А. М. (2017). Efficacy and tolerability of the dietary supplement Testostam in patients with erectile dysfunction. Health of Man, (3(62), 75–77. https://doi.org/10.30841/2307-5090.3(62).2017.117867
Sexology and andrology
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І. І. Горпинченко, Український інститут сексології та андрології, м. Київ

I.I. Gorpynchenko

А. М. Ситенко, Український інститут сексології та андрології, м. Київ

A.M. Sytenko


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