Udenaphil for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Literature review

І. І. Горпинченко, Ю. М. Гурженко


The work shows that Udenafil (ТМ Zydena) is one of the drugs of the selective IFE-5 group. The clinical properties of Udenafil are characterized by a relatively rapid onset of action and duration of the effect, which is explained by the pharmacokinetic profile of the drug. Udenafil is effective and well tolerated by patients in the treatment of ED, including ED associated with diabetes and other diseases. The drug is well tolerated and most side effects do not require drug withdrawal. Simultaneous use of antihypertensive agents or alpha-1-blockers does not affect the effectiveness and safety of Udenafil. Due to high safety profile, Udenafil can be recommended for daily regular use.


udenafil; Zydena; erectile dysfunction; therapy


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