Studying clinical of efficiency α-adrenoblockator tamsulozinum at men at of the chronic abacterial prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome


І. І. Горпинченко
Ю. М. Гурженко
В. В. Спиридоненко
В. В. Козлов


The objective was to evaluate the efficacy of therapy for chronic abacterial prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome (HAP / CPPS) with Tamsin Forte.
Patients and methods. In the dynamics, 34 patients were examined and treated for HAP / CPPS. For monotherapy, Tamsin Forte (tamsulosin) was used, which refers to highly selective α1-adrenoceptor blockers. The age of the examined patients was from 24 to 42 years. The duration of the disease is from 2 to 4 years. All patients underwent a standard urological examination.
Results. The use of monotherapy with Tamsin Forte provided a quick clinical effect. Painful sensations were eliminated at the end of a three-month course of treatment in 32 (94.1%) of 34 subjects, dysuric phenomena were stopped in 31 (91.2%). In 7 (87.5%) of 8 patients, improvement of erectile function was noted, premature ejaculation was stopped in 9 (81.8%) of 11 patients. After treatment with Tamsin Forte, the maximum speed of urination was significantly increased.
Conclusion. The drug Tamsin Forte is quite effective when used as monotherapy in patients with HAP accompanied by CPPS, as assessed by the doctor (94.2%), and according to the patient's assessment (91.2%). The results obtained make it possible to recommend Tamsin Forte for use in andrological practice.


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Горпинченко, І. І., Гурженко, Ю. М., Спиридоненко, В. В., & Козлов, В. В. (2017). Studying clinical of efficiency α-adrenoblockator tamsulozinum at men at of the chronic abacterial prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Health of Man, (2(61), 112–116.
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І. І. Горпинченко, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

I.I. Gorpinchenko

Ю. М. Гурженко, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

Yu.M. Gurzhenko

В. В. Спиридоненко, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

V.V. Spiridonenko

В. В. Козлов, Национальный медицинский университет имени А.А.Богомольца, г. Киев

V.V. Kozlov


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