Sexual Health of a Couple


О. В. Ромащенко
С. М. Мельников
В. В. Білоголовська
О. В. Бабич
М. М. Ходжава


The objective: to evaluate sexual health of women, whose men suffer from precocious ejaculation.
Patients and methods. A gynaecological, sexological and psychological examination of 28 women of reproductive age, whose husbands were reported to have precocious ejaculation, was carried out.
Results. Sexual discomfort and dissatisfaction of sexual relationships were reported by 22 (78,6%) women. Reduction of libido was established in 17 (60,7%) of the examined, primary anorgasmia – in 2 (7,1%), secondary anorgasmia – in 15 (53,6%), violation of lubrication – in 22 (78,6%), dyspareunia – in 25 (89,3%), and combination of sexual dysfunctions – in 23 (82,1%).
Sexual disorders, revealed in the examined patients, were formed during 1–2 years at the background of sexual disharmonies in a couple (precocious ejaculation was established in husband’s body), accompanied in 89,3% of cases by the spectre of gynaecological pathology.
Conclusions. Complex therapy in compliance with the principles of interdisciplinary approach and intergender correlations is a principle under the condition of restoration of sexual harmony in a couple. The clinical sample has demonstrated the trend of effective use of dapoxetine medicine in a complex therapy of precocious ejaculation and restoration of couple’s sexual health.


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Ромащенко, О. В., Мельников, С. М., Білоголовська, В. В., Бабич, О. В., & Ходжава, М. М. (2017). Sexual Health of a Couple. Health of Man, (2(61), 81–87.
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О. В. Ромащенко, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

O.V. Romashchenko

С. М. Мельников, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

S.M. Melnikov

В. В. Білоголовська, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

V.V. Bilogolovska

О. В. Бабич, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

O.V. Babich

М. М. Ходжава, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины», г. Киев

M.M. Hodjava


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