Male overactive bladder treatment: new possibilities and perspectives


В. І. Зайцев


Analysis of modern data about possibilities and perspectives of cholinoblockers (CB) usage for male overactive bladder treatment was performed. The data proved effectiveness and safety of lower urinary tract symptoms/benign prostatic hyperplasia with CB treatment.
Nevertheless CB don’t used for treatment of male with another dysuric conditions and qualitative studies in this problem are absent. So great perspectives are exist for CB treatment of male with another pathology.


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Зайцев, В. І. (2017). Male overactive bladder treatment: new possibilities and perspectives. Health of Man, (1(60), 126–129.
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В. І. Зайцев, Буковинський державний медичний університет, м. Чернівці

V.I. Zaitsev


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