Control activity hemolitik phytotherapy with radiation diagnosis in persons with urolithiasis single kidney


О. Л. Возіанов
О. Л. Мороз
А. Ю. Гурженко


In SI «Institute of Urology of NAMS of Ukraine» were examined 61 people with a kidney stone, divided into two groups: I – 30 patients with a solitary kidney, II – 31 patients with two kidneys. The average age of the patients 37,5±2,4 years (67,2% of men, women, 32,8%). The treat ment program consisted of monotherapy herbal urolitik Flavia® (Swiss Caps. AG, Switzerland) for 3 months, 1 capsule 2 times a day after meals. Appointment Flavia® monotherapy for 3 months, contributed to the positive dynamics in all patients. The determination of stone size was more significant in the application of spiral CT, which is in contrast to the ultrasound gave a real data (ultrasound concretions were large 17,2–20,6% from the true size). The determination of the density of stones using SKT densitometry characterized the composition of stones as composite (calcium oxalate and urate and calcium), with the positive dynamics of reducing the density during treatment in the I group by 21,7%, and II – 33,9%. While taking Flavia® in the I group of complete dissolution of the stones occurred in 13,3%, partial – in 73,3%, in patients of II group similar processes occurred in 16,1% and 64,5%. Lack of effect of monotherapy had in the I group, 13,3% in II – 19,3%. The difference in dynamics between groups was more pro nounced decrease in the density of the stones in group II (33,9% from 21,7% in EH), and ultrasound data were characterized by significant false positive increase in stone size in both groups.


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Возіанов, О. Л., Мороз, О. Л., & Гурженко, А. Ю. (2016). Control activity hemolitik phytotherapy with radiation diagnosis in persons with urolithiasis single kidney. Health of Man, (4(59), 83–89.
Author Biographies

О. Л. Возіанов, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины»

S. Vozianov

О. Л. Мороз, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины»

O. Moroz

А. Ю. Гурженко, ГУ «Институт урологии НАМН Украины»

A. Gurzhenko


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