Current concepts of antibacterial therapy of nosocomial urinary tract infections


О. Д. Нікітін


The article presents data from a study of clinical and bacteriological efficacy and safety of the Brakson (tobramycin) in the treatment of nosocomial urinary tract infections. In accordance with the results demonstrated whether the use of antibacterial drugs in patients who are infected with the urinary tract Pseudomonas aeruginosa. According to the indicators of the antimicrobial activity of laboratory studies of the drug Brakson its efficiency is 78.9%. The clinical effect of therapy with a high level of safety noted 94.7% of patients. This allows us to recommend Brakson in nosocomial urinary tract infec tions as a monotherapy.


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Нікітін, О. Д. (2016). Current concepts of antibacterial therapy of nosocomial urinary tract infections. Health of Man, (4(59), 77–82.
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О. Д. Нікітін, Национальный медицинский университет имени А.А. Богомольца, г. Киев

O. Nikitin


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