Impact of operations upon systematic microcirculation in case of pyeloureteral junction obstructions


О. В. Шипелик
А. З. Журавчак
Д. З. Воробець


The article analyses the influence of open and laparoscop ic pyeloplasty and endopyelotomy, balloon dilation and laser resection pyeloureteral segment hydronephrosis on the systemic microcirculation. It was determined that the 52.2 82% of patients mostly after open pyeloplasty was observed circulatory disorders in the vessels of the con junctiva, dilation of arterioles, dilatation and plethora venules, violation of the normal ratio of caliber of arteri oles and venules. Violation of blood flow in small vessels concerned intermittent blood flow, antegrade blood flow or stasis, and speed violations and the nature of the flow to characterize the phenomenon of fragmentation and perivascular edema.


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Шипелик, О. В., Журавчак, А. З., & Воробець, Д. З. (2016). Impact of operations upon systematic microcirculation in case of pyeloureteral junction obstructions. Health of Man, (4(59), 31–33.
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Author Biographies

О. В. Шипелик, Novovolynsk Central City Hospital

O.V. Shypelyk

А. З. Журавчак, State Scientific Institution «Scientific and Practical Centre of Preventive and Clinical Medicine«, State Administration

A.Z. Zhuravchak

Д. З. Воробець, Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

D.Z. Vorobets


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