Man in the XXI century: issues late partial hypogonadism


І. І. Горпинченко
В. В. Спиридоненко


One of the pressing problems of the aging male body is ivolyutivnoe state – late partial hypogonadism. This clinical – biochemical syn drome associated with age and is characterized by deficient levels of androgens (or without), with a decrease in sensitivity to them recep tor, which is accompanied by sexual dysfunction, a significant change in the quality of life and adversely affect the function of many organs (the cardiovascular, endocrine, nerve, etc.). It conducted a compre hensive survey aimed at identifying hormonal disorders and evaluation of drug treatment options. The latter is replacement therapy or andro gen stimulation of their generation, correction of vegetative vascular and other disorders, the use of various natural factors (herbal medi cine, physiotherapy, wellness, etc.).


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Горпинченко, І. І., & Спиридоненко, В. В. (2016). Man in the XXI century: issues late partial hypogonadism. Health of Man, (4(59), 13–17.
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І. І. Горпинченко, ГУ «Институт урологии» НАМН Украины

I. Gorpynchenko

В. В. Спиридоненко, ГУ «Институт урологии» НАМН Украины

V. Spiridonenko


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